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SUA Believes in Umpire Education
Umpires should continuously review the various rules of the leagues SUA administers and attend the field clinics to ensure we are all using the same mechanics. Due to the various availability's of our umpires, we must be able to interchange with each other and know where our partners will be when a play is being made on the field.

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SUA Exam Preparation
Use the documents to help prepare for the umpire exams. We have posted exam questions from the National Federation Rules Exam and many pages of FHSAA Exam questions.

     NEW! View/download from the Document Repository

Baseball Rules Sites
The Internet provides many resources for honing your knowledge of baseball rules. A few select sites are linked.

     Umpire Empire
     Umpire Bible
     Umpire Manual
     Baseball Rules Academy

SUA Training Documents
SUA has developed a comprehensive set of umpire training documents. In our training document repository you will find both a condensed and expanded Field Mechanics And Instruction Manual. Check out the Radial/Flow Rule Diagrams to see cause/effect of most rules. 2-man and 3-man mechanics training is included. Reference all of these resources to improve your umpire skills!

     View/download from the Document Repository

Rule Application
Use the various league rules and SUA Policies and Procedures when applying the rules. Develop a feel for the game. Use preventive umpiring whenever possible. Do not be intimidated into making calls, use common sense when applying the rules.

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