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SUA Professionalism
HUSTLE - It's a must at this level. Players, coaches and fans notice when you are not in the proper position to make the calls.

ANTICIPATE - Learn to think like an umpire and READ the play unfolding in front of you so that you can get that extra step and be in position to make a call look easy. Do not anticipate your call. Anticipate a situation, ask yourself, "What is the game situation?" Use this method to stay on your toes. This is how you maintain concentration and gain valuable game experience.

CONCENTRATE - The first inning sets the tone of the game as far as umpiring goes. Get a look at the pitcher warming up. Don't be fooled by a breaking pitch, that's the batters job. Maintain that high level of concentration throughout the game. Re-invigorate yourself in the later innings or extra innings. You need to be at your best at the end of a close game. Be focused. Be consistent. Remember, your experience grows with the end of every game.

BE PROFESSIONAL - Represent yourself and SUA well on and off the field. You are also representing the umpiring profession. Dress well, be polite and respectful. Remember, you are not required to speak to the media or anyone else after the game. Most of us dress out of our cars and this area is considered a locker room area. You may encounter people who want to make comments about the game. Be polite, inform them of the regulations covering this situation and turn the situation around on them. You be the one to ask the questions. Gather information concerning their names and team they are affiliated with. Do not engage in a dispute with them. Collect the information and file the appropriate reports. The penalty is severe for their behavior and will not be tolerated.

Remember do not discuss game events or controversial calls in the parking lot, it can only make a bad situation uglier.

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