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SUA strives to put quality umpires on the field. Doing so requires each umpire to uphold a minimum set of requirements. This page helps you get started with SUA. Welcome!

1) Join SUA On-Line and Mail Dues of $50.00 USD (Required)
Please fill-out the on-line membership application. Your application will be processed upon receipt of association dues (mailing address). Your online account will be activated when your dues are received. If you have already submitted your application, please do NOT resubmit. Please wait 7-10 business days after mailing your dues before contacting SUA.

     Apply On-line Now
     Mail your dues to SUA
     Contact SUA with questions

2) FHSAA Registration (Required)
SUA members must register and be in good-standing with FHSAA. Registering with FHSAA provides you with liability insurance even for non high-school baseball. Each year all umpires are required to take the FHSAA baseball exam. Study material and old exams are found at the FHSAA website. [Links open in a new browser window.]

     FHSAA New Member Registration
     FHSAA Official Login for Renewals

3) Complete requirements to work for the Pinellas County School Board (Required)
The Pinellas County School District requires contractors (including all umpires) to comply with Level 2 Screening requirements under Florida Law. This is also referred to as the Jessica Lunsford act.

     Get Level 2 screened

The Pinellas County School District requires contractors (including all umpires) to complete an I-9 form. Bring the completed form to a SUA meeting.

     Download the I-9 form.

4) Complete the W-9 (Required)
All SUA members must have a W-9 form on file with us. Fill out the W-9 online, print it, and bring it a SUA meeting.

     IRS W-9 Form (PDF from irs.gov)

5) Attend Meetings (Required)
The SUA homepage contains all meeting dates and times. Meeting attendance is mandatory for SUA members.

     SUA meeting location and map

6) Learn More About SUA, Online
All SUA documentation is now online. You can read our constitution, policies, by-laws and more. Be informed about SUA!

     Learn About SUA

7) Update your Umpire Uniform
SUA umpires must look professional. We have set guidelines that dictate how umpires must dress - this keeps our umpires looking sharp and consistent.

     View/download the Uniform Policy from the Document Repository

Need to purchase clothes or equipment? All new umpires will need a SUA plate and SUA base hat (purchase direct from SUA). FHSAA officials need FHSAA branded hats (purchase from DDD Officials Wear or Honigs).

     Supplier: DDD Officials Wear, (727) 391-3471
     Supplier: Honigs, (800) 955-1754
     Supplier: +POS
     Supplier: Ump-Attire
     Supplier: Purchase Officials
     Supplier: Gerry Davis Sports
     Supplier: Flemings Referee and Sport

8) Educate Yourself
SUA believes in Umpire education! Visit the comprehensive training area below for exam preparation, baseball rules sites, and training documents.

     View all SUA Education and Training Resources

9) Join NASO
NASO provides many umpire benefits - from Referee Magazine to Sports Officials Security program insurance. Further, check out the NASO LockerRoom for monthly articles.

     NASO LockerRoom
     NASO Member Benefits

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